As part of my educational curriculum and sometimes just out of my own curiosity to dig deeper into specific subjects, over time I have written articles on various dental topics. Here are some of them:










Oral Manifestations and adverse effects of Lupus in oral cavity

Articulatio Temporomandibularis

Temporomandibular Joint

Anatomy Review

Cracked Tooth Syndrome


Digital Dental

Oropharyngeal Candidiasis
Oral Trush

"Detalna Analiza na
fenomenot na chep"



MACEDONIAN ORAL SURGERY; written and published in June, 2000.
Indications for various types of Anesthesia, Complications and Anaphylactic Reaction Treatment - written in Macedonian Language -
My articles published in
Faculty of Dentistry Magazine
Terapija na Anafilakticna Reakcija
Indikacii za Lokalna Infiltrativna Anestezija
Digresses in Dentistry
..........published in 1999
written in Macedonian language
Opshti i Lokalni Komplikacii za vreme i po davanjeto na Lokalnata Anestezija
Indikacii za Opshta Anestezija vo Oralnata Hirurgija
Periodontology Virtual Classroom
......published on-line in 1999
written in English language
Procain - Lidocain
Indikacii i Kontraindikacii
Indikacii za Povrshinska Anestezija
Oral Manifestations of AIDS
..........published in 1999

written in Macedonian language