Periodontology Virtual Classroom
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Steamy student's room with funny atmosphere ( too much of CO2), claustrophobic space (closed door and windows), all in service of maximal isolation and going into fight with the problem called "preparing for exam". Student is dark minded, frustrated and on the edge of quitting. From his face you can read his despair, feeling weak in front of mountain of harmonically lined books (1-2 meters). One thought is in his mind that causes nightmare:" I``m gonna spend too much time and effort trying to find what I`m looking for in these books".

"Dentitia" No.7
Sodrzina na "Dentitia"
Front page of seventh issue


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Room, nice atmosphere, pleased student with Pentium computer, a modem and monitor in front of his eyes. Frustrations are gone, and he is able to communicate. Magic word is :"Surf!!"

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Solution to all dilemmas,trilemmas and other problems.Oppurtunity for education, posteducation and communication.

Periodontology Virtual Class was created in Brienz, Swisseland by World's top Periodontologist in cooperation with computer experts in order to achieve interactive computer based learning of Periodontology. Aim is everybody to have access to newest information from the field of Periodontology without leaving your own room !!.....and probably be in pidzamas :))

This pioneer work will alter Dental future for ever. Imagine: study in Macedonia, and except help of your basic tutor, through Internet You are connected with dozens of top class European professors, who will help you to learn more and pass the exam easily.Borders of Your University are disappearing and we all are becoming part of one global university! Password is : Internet ! Education in classical amphitheaters is added with education in cyber space.

Project "Periodontology Virtual Class" was organized by European Dental Students Association (EDSA) and is based by following principles:

- until August 1998 You join the group, and the rest who are late they are observers.

- You got interactive CD with lessons compiled from a dream team of top class Periodontology professors.

- Three groups of students are created for this project.

- Through e-mail people from each group are arranging meeting on Internet.

- In exact time all student from the group with their mentor are on line through ICQ o mIRC.

- Online presentation of Perio case starts ( with a help of interactive CD) , and afterwards students are discussing the case .Their mentor is answering all their questions.

This project is lead by top class Periodontology professors:

Professor Rolf Attstrom- head of Period clinic in University Lund, Malme, Sweden

Professor Rutger Persson- Perio specialist- director of Perio center in University of Washington, U.S.A.

Professor Niklaus Lang - head of Perio department and fixed prosthetics department in University of Bern in Swisseland.

Professor Joerg Meyle - periodontologist in University Giessen, Germany

Professor Mariano Sanz - Periodontologist in University Madrid, Spain.

Three groups of students are coming from different European countries: Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Turkey and Denmark.

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Student is not longer attending theoretical classes, he has classes in his room in front of his computer.Transcommuniative and interactive education, my dear ! :))

P.S. Learn to work on computers !!



Daniela Veleska vs. Boban Fidanoski

author: Dr. Boban Fidanoski, DMD

November,1999 Copyright - Text
by B.Fidanoski- Skopje, Macedonia