Virtual Classroom project 1999


Virtual Classroom was the first Internet Periodonthology project created by few students, members of European Dental Students Association (EDSA) in order to spread knowledge of top Periodonthology professors to Dental Students in all Europe, using the Internet. Professors were giving the lectures on the web, and students, sitting in their own rooms in their own countries were studying. I was part of this project as a observer, witnessing the history.You can find people involved in this project in OBSERVERS page.

Because this project is over, it`s web pages are not active any more. In order to preserve them from loss of time, I saved some pages, and there are two of them:

Copy samples of two Virtual Classroom web pages :
SY01253_.WMF (1930 bytes) Start page  
IN00177_.WMF (1074 bytes) Observers