Fidanoski Family is comprised of four: Boban, Natali, Theodora and Angella.
Natali and I were married in 2004. In 2008 God blessed us with our first daughter Theodora. Three years later our second blessing arrived, Angella was born. Saint protector of our family is Saint Petka (Sveta Petka) and on every October 27-th Fidanoski family celebrates Saint Petka's day, together with relatives and friends.
We are a family of Orthodox Christians.

Our Family roots are from a small towns in Western Macedonia called Kicevo and Tetovo. Many generations in our family had migrated from one town to another or one country to another. Our great-great-grand parents lived in Kicevo and Tetovo. Boban's great-grand father was an American from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Boban's grandparents lived in Belgrade, Serbia. Our parents live in Skopje, Macedonia, where we have also lived for a long time. Our Canadian hometowns were Toronto, Ontario and Grande Prairie, Alberta. We have also lived in Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta; Mississauga, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and on the Dutch Caribbean islands of St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius.
Now, we call our home the city of Marietta, Georgia, in the United States of America.

Our wider family
  • Ljupco Velkoski (1929-1990) -Boban's Grandfather
  • Mila Velkoska -Boban's Grandmother
  • Liljana Velkoska -Boban's mother
  • Krste Fidanoski - Boban's father
  • Zora Dimovska - Natali's mother
  • Mane Dimovski - Natali's father
  • Dusan Velkoski -Boban's uncle
  • Dimce Velkoski -Boban's uncle
  • Daniela Dimovska Karalieva - Natali's sister
  • Georgi Karaliev - our brother-in-law
  • Matea Karalieva - our niece
  • Mihail Karaliev - our nephew
  • Mila Jovanovska - our niece
  • Jelena Velkoska Jovanovska -Boban's cousin
  • Alexandra Ristovska -Boban's cousin
  • Blagica Velkoska - Boban's aunt
  • Ance Velkoska (1958-1998) - Boban's aunt
  • Ljupco Velkoski - Boban's cousin
  • Milan Velkoski - Boban's cousin
  • Igor Jovanovski - Jelena's husband, our brother-in-law
  • Ivan Ristovski - Aleksandra's husband, our borther-in-law

Our Family's Old Photo Album

Our family`s old photographs
from 1930`s in New York, USA till
1950-60's in Kicevo, Macedonia

Boban's old black and white photgraphs from Belgrade, Serbia and Kicevo, Macedonia.

Saint Savior and Protector of our Family
Saint Petka - Paraskeva

Since I was a smal child, during my stay in Belgrade when my grandfather and my grandmother would take me and my cousin Jelena to Kalemegdan City Park - by my will, I would always visit an old church of Saint Petka. where since Ottoman day her ramains were kept.

When I came to Skopje , there were few more moments in my life that made me realized that Saint Petka is my Angel in the Heavens, my Saint Savior and Protector. So since 1997, I decided to start celebrating the Holy day of Saint Petka (27-th of October) as The Day of My and my Family's Saint Savior and Protector. It is a long time tradition in Macedonia and in all other Orthodox Christian Countries to have a Saint that is protector of the Family, and to celebrate the Saint`s day .

Our Venerable Mother Petka-Paraskeva, as she became known, was born in the 11th century in the city of Epivat, which is between Silivria and Constantinople. Her parents were very religious and raised their children to be pious. After her parents died, St. Petka strictly devoted herself to the monastic life, and with fasting and prayer she committed her life to God. After five years of fasting and prayer, she went to the Holy Land (Palestine) to live in the desert of Jordan. In her old age, she returned to Constantinople to the Church of Holy Theotokos in Blaherna to revere the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Two centuries after her death (1238 A.D.), the Bulgarian emperor John Asen decided to move St. Petka's relics from Epivat, which then was under the Crusader's control, to Trnovo, the capital of Bulgaria. After the Turkish occupation of Bulgaria, the relics were moved again--this time to Vidim on the Danube (Vlaska). In 1396 when the Turks also conquered this area, the Serbian princess Milica acted to bring the holy relics to Belgrade. In 1417 the Church of St. Petka was built in Belgrade and her holy relics were placed there. In 1521 after Sulleyman II conquered Belgrade, St. Petka's remains along with many Serbian families, were moved to Constantinople. There her remains were received with great respect and solemnity and the Sultan brought them to his castle. Numerous miracles occurred there, which caused the holy Mother Petka-Paraskeva also to be worshipped by Muslims. In 1641, with permission from Constantinople's patriarch Partenije I, the pious Moldavian ruler Vasilije Lupul brought St. Petka's remains to Moldavia's capital, Jash (a town in present Romania) where on 14/27 October they were placed in the church of the Three Holy Hierarchs, where St. Petka's holy relics continued to glorify the Lord with wonders and miracles.