Kicevo , Macedonia

Kicevo is a small town in Western part of Republic of Macedonia. It is situated almost in the middle of Skopje-Ohrid road (100 kilometers away from Skopje, and 55 kilometers away from Ohrid). A predecessor to Kicevo was the antique town of Uskana, and in the 11th century, under the name of Kicavis, the town is noted in one of the documents of the Byzantine emperor Basil II. Present name Kicevo was given after the settlement of Macedonian Slavs in 7-th century and today it is an official name for this town. Kicevo was also known as Katin Grad (a city of Katina) in 13-14 century, during the time of King Marko`s rule over Macedonia, this town was a living place of his sister Katina.

During the Second World War, Kicevo was THE FIRST TOWN in Republic of Macedonia that was liberated by Macedonian Liberation Forces. The day of Kicevo`s Liberation is 11-th of September. Destiny is ironic sometimes, on the same day one is celebrating (Kicevo), and other is mourning (New York).


Saint Apostles Peter & Paul
Orthodox Church in Kicevo, Macedonia

Sveta Bogorodica Precista Monastery
Kicevo, Macedonia

A view from the hill
This is the main street in Kicevo.
Town central square
Main town church "Saint Apostles Peter and Paul"
Sveta Bogorodica Precista Monastery in Kicevo area
Old Kale on the hill
Old picture - Kicevo in Ottoman period