Sveta Bogorodica Precista Monastery
Kicevo, Macedonia
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Monastery of Sveta Bogorodica Precista (Holy Mother of God) is the most important religious place for Kicevo region. Dedicated to Virgin Mary, Mother of God, celebrating day of this monastery is "Mala Bogorodica", (Birthday of Virgin Mary on 21-th of September).

It`s located in high mountains few kilometers away from town of Kicevo.To reach this monastery,You must leave Kicevo and head it on the way to Ohrid. After Kicevo, next is the village of Drugovo.After Drugovo, on the crossroad, You must turn left to enter the road to Bitola. Few kilometers on that road , on the left side there is a traffic sign "Precista" showing the way up to the monastery. There You must turn left, exit the road to Bitola, and head it up on a small mountain road to Monastery.

This Monastery is known because on the day of "Blagovestie" ( 17-th of April) 1924 , Dositej entered the World of Monachisam. In 1963, Dositej became the first Archbishop of renewed Ohrid Archbishopry ( Macedonian Orthodox Church). Archbishop Dositej was the one who proclaimed Autocephaly ( independence) of Macedonian Orthodox Church.

The biggest legend about this Monastery is the "Legend of flying Icon". One icon of Mother of God in this monastery was 3 time sent to Knezino Monastery.Every time, at night this Icon followed by rey of light on the sky was coming back to this Monastery on it`s original place. Last time when this event occurred, people were watching this monastery all night, just to secure all the doors, because people were suspicious that someone is secretly bringing the Icon back. But, in the middle of the night, a ray of light passed through the sky and entered the monastery through one of the windows.When people entered the monastery, they saw the Icon returned on the same place as it was before.

Sveta Bogorodica Precista Monastery
Windows of the Monastery
Table next to the entrance in the Memory of Archbishop Dositej
Konaci - Monastery facilities
Icon of Virgin Mary (Bogorodica) receiving the good news (Blagovestie) from Archangel Gavril that she will gave birth to Jesus, son of God
Main Icon of Virgin Mary (Bogorodica) with Jesus as a small child
"Flying Icon" of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and some other characters
Frescoe of Saints Cyrilus and Methodius with pupils (Saints Kliment,Naum,Sava,Agatangel,Gorazd...
Icon of Virgin Mary with Jesus as a small child on the altar
Icon of Jesus Christ on the altar
Icon of Saint Petka, left from the entrance
Icon of Saint Petka with tho other Saints
Icon of Jesus Christ
Icon of Virgin Mary, holding Jesus
Icon of Saint Archangel Michail
One of the oldest Icons of Virgin Mary on this Monastery