These are some of my case presentations in the field of Dental Prosthodontics. In all of my cases I tried to achieve perfection, and in some cases I did, but in some I did not. There are some well done procedures, and some with mistakes. I wanted to share all of them as recognition of my educational and professional patway towards improvement.



Case study  

May 15-th 2002

author: Dr.Boban Fidanoski, DMD
Nine years long controversy :
Circular bridge with six pontics in anterior area of progenial maxilla with condescend vertical dimension between jaws


Case study  

September 30-th 2002

authors: Dr.Boban Fidanoski, DMD and Dr. Dusan Velkoski, DDS
Elongated canine as a mean
to preserve esthetics and symmetry



November 15-th 2002

author: Dr.Boban Fidanoski, DMD
Just another day in Dental Paradise
Basic case through images :
Two maxillary semicircular bridges