Case Study
November 15-th 2002
Just another day in dental paradise
Oral status after preparation
Prepared upper teeth in occlusion with lower jaw
Oral status on casting models - Maxilla


Two semicircular bridges

Total : six pontic elements and six retainers.

Point of separation between bridges: medial incisors.

Special : terminal pontic elements


Anterior view
Anterior view-occlusion with lower jaw
Right profile
Left profile
Oral status after bridge installation
Open bite situation
Bridges in occlusion with lower jaw
View on occlusal sides of two bridges
The End. Final Smile.

author: Boban Fidanoski
             Dental Office "Duki-Lek"
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              Skopje, Macedonia

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Date of on-line publishing: November 15-th , 2002

November,2002 Copyright - Text and photographs by Boban Fidanoski- Skopje,Macedonia