Saint Kliment

Ohrid and its Lake are situated on the South of Macedonia . With dozen orthodox churches in this area Ohrid is the Spiritual Center of Macedonia . In Ohrid are burried remains of our National Slavic teachers and holy saints -Saints Kliment and Naum .
Saint Kliment was first archbishop of our Macedonian orthodox church and builder of many churches and monasteries, especially- the greatest one in Plaoshnik, church of St.Panteleimon. Saint Kliment in Ohrid founded the first Slavic University in Balkans.

These days, Ohrid is well known Macedonian tourists Summer resort .

"Pastrmka" fish is the most wanted specialty in Ohrid .


286 metres is the deepest
point of Lake Ohrid


Ohrid-old town

Church of Saint Naum

Church of Saint Kaneo

Saint Clement - founder of Macedonian Orthodox faith and holy protector of our nation
St.Panteleimon Monastery in Plaoshnik : place of
Macedonian Orthodox genesis

Ohrid lake


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