Goce Delchev

(1872 - 1903)


"I conceive the world only as a place for
cultural rivalty of the nations"

Goce Delchev is the Biggest Macedonian Hero . He lived in the begining of 20-th century , when Macedonian were fighting for freedom against 5 centuries Otoman rule over Macedonia. That fight was getting more stronger and stronger . In that time , Macedonian fighters for freedom were organized in Guerila groups called "Komiti" . The leaders of the "Komiti" were called "Vojvodi" - or in english - "The Dukes". Goce Delchev was among most respectful Dukes . All the Dukes were highly educated people with extra ordinary sense of ethics and love towards own nation and other people in Macedonia . All the "Komiti" and the Dukes were members
of Macedonian Revolutionery Internal Organisation called VMRO . VMRO was establishted as an organisation in 1893 and it
was a political wing of Guerila fighters . Just like "Shin Fein" and IRA in Irland today . So, Goce Delchev was a member of
the central comitee in VMRO , and he was assigned to be a military inspector to all "Komiti" groups . He was cruising the Macedonia , and with his courage , and dedication to Macedonian fight for freedom , he gainged respect from ordinary people

Church of Saint Salvation in Skopje
Place of Goce Delchev`s eternal peace

Goce (Georgi) Nikolov Delchev was born on January 23, 1872, in the town of Kukush, southeastern Macedonia. He received his elementary education in the local Macedonian school of Kukush, and later entered the Gymnasium of Solun (Salonica).Here Delchev became one of the most popular of the students, not only in point of scholarship, but also as a youthful agitator and advocate of Macedonian independence. Delcev, while in Salonica, familiarized himself with the various
revolutionary undercurrents in Europe.



Unfortunately Delchev’s death was a tragic one-quite usual in the annals of the Macedonian martyrology. While roaming
through the southern part of Macedonia, preparatory to the anticipated general insurrection which was to take place on
August 2, 1903, he arrived, April 10, in the village of Banitza, in the district of Serres. The village was surrounded by
Turkish soldiers, more than a thousand of them. While they were searching for arms, the Turks approached the two houses
where Delchev and his comrades were lodged. Escape was impossible-the battle was on! The ferocious struggle went on
while thevillage blazed. Delchev and his men burst out toward evening, attempting by means of volleys and bayonets to break
the Turkish line. They were outnumbered 50 to 1! Not one of the besieged "Komiti" was captured alive. They kept up the
fight to the last man! More than one hundred men of the enemy were slain. So were Delchev and his comrades-in-arms-to the
last man! This tragic episode occurred on April 21, 1903, a little over three months before the general insurrection was
officially declared. Such was the end of Delchev’s romantic career-the most venerated Macedonian revolutionist.