Millennium Cross in Skopje

Millennium Cross is one of the newest symbols of Skopje. It was build during 2002, and finished in August 2002. This Cross was build by Macedonian Orthodox Church in order to celebrate 2000 years of Christianity in the World and on Macedonian soil. It was constructed and placed on the highest point on Vodno mountain, a place that for centuries was known as place where Cross exists. Most of the time during Ottoman`s rule in Macedonia (14-20 century) there was a small cross on this place, so Turkish and local Macedonians called it "Krstovar" (place where there is a cross).
View on Millennium Cross from Bunjakovec area in Skopje
( High red buildings are Kapishtec quart, then comes Vodno mountain, and the Cross is on the top of it. )
Millennium Cross in March 2003
Millennium Cross during foggy sunset in Winter 2002
At nights, Millennium Cross is illuminated
Construction of the Cross
July 14-th 2002

Millennium Cross was full of controverse, during the construction. Because Macedonian Orthodox Church was unable to collect all the money for the construction, Macedonian Government gave donation of almost 2 Million Euros and helped to build this Cross .

True Orthodox Christians are proud of this Cross. It is a symbol of their faith in God and Christianism. At this moment (Spring 2003), the Cross is only thing that has been built. Our Orthodox Church is planing to build a small Orthodox monastery next to the Cross, and a proper fence that will surround that area, and will keep intruders away from the Cross. Hope we, Macedonian people and state, will collect funds to finish this project in near future.

View on the Cross from Ruzveltova Street
(Debar Maalo, Karpos)
Ceremonial day when Cross was declared open for public.
Prospectus of the Millennium Cross