Church of Saint Georgi (George)
in Kurbinovo,Prespa- Republic of Macedonia

In the area of Lake Prespa, the most interesting Christian Orthodox temple is the Church of St. Georgi (George) in the village of Kurbinovo (uphill, few kilometers from the lake). Frescoes in this church were painted in 1191. That was the time when Byzantine Empire ruled teritory of present Republic of Macedonia, the time after the reign of Tzar Samuil, the first Slavo-Macedonian Emperor, and the founder of the first medieval Slavo-Macedonian state.This is a very simple church by its shape and dimensions, yet very important from spiritual and cultural point of view.
Church of Saint Georgi in Kurbinovo

Entrance - west facade

Frescoes above the altar

Fresco of an angel

Saint Archangel Gavril (Gabriel) adjacent to the enthroned Bogorodica (Virgin Mary)

Enthroned Bogorodoca (Virgin Mary) holding Jesus Christ in her arms

Interior west facade, just above the entrance

Crusification of Jesus Christ ( fresco on the northertn wall, from the left of the entrance

Bogorodica (Virgin Mary), fresco above the altar, turned towards Saint Archangel Gavril (Gabriel)

Saint Petka, Saint Nedela and other female Saints on the entrance wall, on the right side

Window on the north wall, left of the entrance

Fresco of Jesus Christ on the right from the altar

Fresco of Saint Archangel Gavril (Gabriel) from this church on the reverse side of Macedonian 50 denars.

2002 Copyright - Text and photographs by Boban Fidanoski- Skopje,Macedonia
Thanks to Mr. Lozanovski for his guidance to and into this church.