Finally, after five centuries of Ottoman Rule over Macedonia, an Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO) decided to lead an national uprising on the second of August, 1903, on the day of Saint Eliah ( Sveti Ilija), called Ilinden. Due to a numerous problems, this uprising succeed only in the town of Krushevo. Krushevo was liberated by revolutionaries, and for the first time on Balkans, THE REPUBLIC was proclaimed ! This Republic lasted only 10 days, from 2-nd to 13-th of August 1903, when Ottoman army crushed down revolutionary`s resistance, and took back Krushevo under their rule.
The First Republic on Balkans

In those 10 days, unusually to Balkans political developments, revolutionaries from VMRO proclaimed a REPUBLIC on the territory of Krushevo.
One of political leaders of VMRO,
Nikola Karev
, was proclaimed as
PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, and the Government of 6 ministers was formed.

Republic`s Government

Primeminister: Vangel Dinu
also appointed as Minister of Justice

Minister of Finance : Teohar Netkov
Minister of Internal affairs: Hristo Kjurchiev
Minister of Health : Nikola Bajlu
Minister of food supply and production :
Dimitar Seculov
Minister of requisition: Georgi Chache

Republic`s Government issued The Manifesto of the Republic, asking everyone to join and fight for freedom. This manifesto is the first document promoting democracy, human rights, ethnic equity and tolerance on Balkans.

Revolutionary court was also on power, along with the military command lead by Pitu Guli, leader of the biggest group of revolutionaries in Krushevo.

Monument of Unknown Macedonian Revolutionary throwing a big rock to
anyone who wants to take away his freedom.This monument is located on Mechkin Kamen, a place of final battle
against Ottomans, before Republic was crushed down.
Pitu Guli and his 370 revolutionaries were the last barrier on Mechkin Kamen on the 13-th of August 1903.
They fought bravely and all to the last died to defend the Republic. The end of this battle at Mechkin Kamen symbolizes the end of the Republic.

Church of Saint Nikola in the center of Krushevo, destroyed
by Ottomans after the uprising, rebuilded in 1905. The bells from this church rang in the early morning on the second of August when uprising began. The Republic was born......

.........and that Republic still lasts. With the time break of several decades after Krushevo, Macedonians gained their Republic. On the same day, the day of Saint Ilija , in 1944, Macedonian revolutionary committee in the Church of Prohor Pchinjski, north of Kumanovo, proclaimed Macedonian Republic ! After 47 Years being a federal republic with limited independence , finally in 1991, on September 8-th, Macedonians proclaimed full independence of their Republic. It was a long trip, full of blood, tears, and bones of young Macedonian revolutionaries.