" Balkan is , or was , a gay peninsula filled with sprightly people who ate peppered foods , drank strong liquors , wore flamboyant clothes , loved and murdered easily and had a splendid talent for starting wars . Karl Marx called them "ethnic trash".

C.L. SULZBERGER , A Long Row of Candles

The Balkans produced the century`s first terrorists . IMRO ( the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization ) was the Palestine Liberation organization of the 1920`s and 1930`s , with Bulgarian paymasters , dedicated to recovering the parts of Macedonia taken by Greece and Yugoslavia after the Second Balkan War . Like the present day Shiite`s of Beirut`s southern suburbs , the IMRO killers , who swore allegiance over a gun and Orthodox Bible , came from the rootless , peasant proleteriat of Skopje , Belgrade and Sofia slums . Hostage taking and wholesale slaughter of innocent were common .

Twentieth-century history came from the Balkans . Here men have been isolated by poverty and ethnic rivalry , dooming them to hate . Here politics has been reduced to a level of near anarchy …..

The landscape of atrocities is easy to recognize : Communism had been the Great Preserver .


by Milcho Manchevski

Angela :

The look of things to come . Luke felt of another , older time . The new century was runing him over , And he was but a miserable roadkill

So , he went looking for another frontier .

Far from the Wild West . The Wild East . Where he felt at home again .

And he took the train East . Eventually ended up Way out there , in Ottoman Empire , The Sick Man of Europe …as they called it then .

Where the centuries don`t follow One another - they co-exist