Internet connects people ! One night I was chatting on-line with my Hungarian friend Eszter, and suddenly she proposed me to come with her friends to Balaton lake. O.K., I said, but I`m in Skopje, hundred kilometers away from Hungary. She asked me, when You can come to Budapest as soon as possible? In two days, in One in the afternoon, by train, I said. And that`s what happened. Eszter waited me at Budapest railway station and we all went the same day to Balaton lake !! A week of great summer fun, time to meet new culture, people...  

Village called Balatonalmadi - Hungarian beer and French fries with Eszter, Zoltan, Maria and Peter.


Village called Tihany - Hungarian coffee and Dobosh torta with my friends Eszter,Zoltan and Maria.


In Balatonalmadi with my Budapest friend Szilvi Ambrus.


Village called Alsoors - Water games with Eszter and Peter.