October `97

From the 1-th till 15-th of October `97
I was an exchange student in Semmelweis
University of Budapest,Hungary.(SOTE)
These were the best 15 days in my life !!
I have Great memories from Budapest !
I stayed at Dr.Markusovszky Dormitory with 
my Macedonian colleagues :
- Daniela Veleska
- Slavica Gjurceska , - Sashko Dimov and
- Goce Popeski ,

all 5 of us in room 9. I had free access to internet and an all day working hot chocolade mashine ... My favorite Music club was "Morrison caffe" near the Opera House , I had great coffe sesion in Ferenc Liszt Museum with Daniela and Slavica,I also had a chance to play on original Ferenc Liszt piano , I spent 15 days drinking filter coffe in "McDonalds" , I had fabolous techno parties with lot of Martini drinks, I went to a Michael Nyman`s concert , drinked hungarian vine on Hosok ter, and had a marvelous party at "NET" building with Daniela. But , the most of all , I started a great friendship with Eszter Somogyi, Daniela Veleska, Slavica Gjurceska and Szilvi Ambrus..... I felt totaly free those days in Budapest. That taste of that freedom I will feel through the rest of my life.I can never forget this period of my life , and I count Budapest as my alter home....

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