U2 Concert in Thessaloniki

One of my musical dream came true ! - U2, one of y favorites groups were get to play in Thessaloniki
(Solun), in northern Greece, just 200 kilometers away from my home. When I saw advertisement of some travel agency that I could buy cocert ticket and transportation, immidiately I bought one, and started preparing for the big event. Concert was scheduled for 28 of September 1997, just two day before my trip to Budapest where I was starting mu exchange study at Semmelweis University. I couldn`t find any accompanion, so I decided to go to the concert alone. But 2 days before the concert, my sweet dreams became bitter- I saw on news that Greek custom officers will strike on the day of concert, and therefore all ground borders will be closed !!! How will I pass that border-became my problem.I started asking around about this newborn situation, and found out that all borders will be closed , except for railway border- that meant I shoud go with a trane !! And I did-took a train early in the morning, and in 9 A.M. I was in Thessaloniki. Took a walk, eate gyro,drank some frappe, bought Elton Johns new single (Candle in the wind), and 5 P.M. came quickly. I went to the concert arena.Entrance checks last an hour and in 7 was in, drinking some Coke to refresh-There were aproximately 100.000 people at this event , and among them I found my colleagues and friends Zoki and Dani from Bitola ! Among that crowd to find some friend it was like to win a lottery. In 8 show started, and we all had 2 great musical hours !! Bono began with the show with some songs from POP album . The best part was the middle of the show when Bono and friends took acoustic guitars and did 5 songs from older albums ( with or without You, where the streets have no name, angel of harlem , desire, in the name of love..) that was extasy !!! Then in one moment Bono get out of the stage ( after the show I read in newspapers that he had problems with his throth, so he lost his voice , and had an quick intervention from some great doctor behind the stage in the middle of thec oncert). Bono was out for 10 minutes, and then The edge asked all of us to sing together "Shugar, shugar, honey honey", some old song,word were going on the huge display on the stage , and 100.000 people were singing that song while U2 band was playng just for us !! Wow !!! We all felt like we are Bono in those moments. Concert was over somehere at 10 , and the crowd went to relax on the streets of Thessaloniki. My legs hurted so bad that I had to site somewhere, but all the chairs on the coffee shops and restaurants were taken. So I went to Arisotelos square, just few meters from the sea marine, there was a lot of space there and I took a rest by sitting on a ground. My train was in 5 early next morning so I spent last hours in Thessaloniki eating gyro and reading concert comments in fresh morning newpapers. In 9 next day I was back home in Skopje, full of positive energy, to tied but happy. I had only 24 hours to prepare my self for next trip to Budapest.