Once , in March 1991 , I visited Solun ( Thessaloniki ) for two days . Then I was only 17 Years old , and I didn`t knew
anything about Jezz music . So , while my stay in Solun , I went out to have some fun . I wanted to "catch" some Greek girl .
So , I ended up in some Music bar , and I saw some band on the stage . They were "doing" something with the instruments ,
I thought that they are rehearsing . I waited for a half an hour , and the bends "rehearsal" was stil on . I get out of that
bar dissapointed .At the entrance , while I was leaving , I saw that it was a JAZZ bar !!! Then I realized that the musicians
weren`t rehearsing , yet , they were playing Jazz !!! :))

In 26-th of September 1997 I was in U2 Concert in Solun . This picture is from that concert . I had problems to come
to Solun . Greek Custom officers were on strike , and only by train I could enter Greece . I travelled alone to this
concert , and by some accidence an hour before the concert , among 100.000 people I met two of my
colleagues from University - Zoki and Dani !! Concert was great ! After the concert I waited for the early train in 5 in the
morning , laying on the grass yard in the centre of Solun where I get some rest .

Thessaloniki , or as we , Macedonians call it - Solun , is the capital of Aigean Macedonia ( Greek Macedonia ) .
Solun is famous for great Shopping possibilities for Macedonians . I have visited Solun too many times for shopping ,
and to eat Greek Gyro ( Donner Kebab ) . The most popular street in Solun is "Via Ignatia" , a great Shopping
street .On the first picture above picture You can see "The White Tower" , now a monument , but in past -
a jail house for all Macedonians who figthed against Greek tyrany .

We have many problems with Greeks . They say that Macedonia is Greek .
Macedonians , in the past used to say that Solun is Macedonian city . Now, the times are changed , and we all are
aware that Aigean Macedonia and Solun are part of Greece , and will never be part of our Slavic Macedonia .
Now , we just want
our Slavic Macedonians who live in Greek Macedonia to have basic human rights .

Name "MACEDONIA" is something that share together , and something that will conect us into eternal friendship ,
not something to argue and fight for .