Belgrade was my home city for over than 10 years . Eleven months after my birth in Skopje , I was sent to live in Belgrade with my grandparents Ljupco and Mila and my little cousin Jelena .

Belgrade is a place of my early childhood. A City that will always remain in my heart as my home .

For all those years we have been residing in a small apartment on Bulevar Revolucije No.451 in a suburb called "Zvezdara". There I have gotten to know my first friends, my first love and my first knowledge about life.



In Belgrade I have attended elementary school at that time called "Bratstvo -Jedinstvo".

This period of my life is not easily forgetable because of all good moments that I have spent with my grandfather Ljupco , my grandmother Mila , and my cousin Jelena , who were at that time my closest family.



My favorite Football club is "Crvena Zvezda" - "Red Star" from Belgrade .
Till today I`m still their fan and supporter .